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What can’t you do in Hawaii?  Snowboard I hear you say, well wrong- you can do that too.  Find out the best things to do in the north shore.  Feel free to add your comments.
So another day on the North Shore, sure you could sit back, relax and have another drink.  Or you could go out and have some different kind of fun.

I’ve always been a water person so my top things will revolve around water, but there are plenty of land-based activities to do here too.

Ok clear number one is surfing.  I love the winter months as the surf pumps.  I’ll get another post going on best surf spots, but if you’re staying at the condo you can’t go past the Alii Beach Park.  About 5 minutes run along the beach or you can drive if feeling lazy.  It’s a reef break that can thrown down some heavy stuff and the next day give you a nice mellow session.  Haleiwa was named the number 2 surf town in the world by surfer mag- ( but really it’s number 1.

Number 2 (and for me if there is surf I revert to number one):  Hiking.  There are some pretty cool places to walk around and get lost in the North Shore.  I will do a seperate post for good hikes around Hawaii so feel free to check out and comment

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